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Top Up TV launched in March 2004, offering extra channels that were not available on Freeview, on a subscription basis.

These channels included UK Style, Eurosport, UKTV Gold, TCM, Discovery, Cartoon Network, UK Food, Bloomberg, Toonami and Boomerang.

you can’t receive the Top Up service on a Sky box or via a satellite dish, and you can’t use a Top Up TV card to get any extra TV channels on a Sky digibox.

If you want to get the extra content on offer to Top Up TV customers, your options are: A question from site visitor Tim Pearson: “I am pretty sure that Dolby Digital is not transmitted within Freeview but is this the same with the Topuptv film channels?

As we outline elsewhere on this page, Top Up TV no longer sell subscription cards, as they’re now selling Top Up TV Anytime, which makes use of a special set-top box.

To get the Top Up TV service, you need to buy a Top Up TV Anytime box, which can be plugged into your TV set using a SCART lead. Some set-top boxes have a CAM slot, which means that you can plug a CAM adapter into this slot, and plug a Top Up TV subscription card into the CAM adapter slot.

A number of extra channels became available on a subscription-basis, on the 31st of March 2004.

Top Up TV Anytime offers the Freeview TV and radio channels, a small amount of extra live programming (GOLD and UKTV Style), plus up to 100 hours of extra content that can be viewed on demand.Note that as of January 2007, Top Up TV has stopped selling their non-Anytime service, so even if you get a CAM, you can’t buy a Top UP TV subscription card.For more information on getting or using a CAM with your digital TV, see our CAM UK Help page Will Top Up TV offer access to movies, or pay-per-event sporting events?As myself & many others have thousands of pounds worth of A/V sound systems, you would have thought if paying for a service DD would be encoded in at least channels that would benefit from Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.”Our understanding is that Dolby Digital surround sound isn’t transmitted on Top Up TV.If you have anything to add on this topic, please comment in our forum’s Surround Sound thread.

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