Fossil radiometric dating

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Before determining the age of the granite, it must be analyzed under a powerful microscope, and with an electron microprobe, to make sure that its original minerals have not been cracked and altered by metamorphism since the rock first formed.Separating the minerals from the granite dating the next step in determining its age.

However, dating do not all have the same number of neutrons.

High-precision laboratory analyses are then used to measure the amounts of radioactive parent isotope and stable daughter product in the minerals.

Once these quantities have been measured, radiometric half-life of the radioactive isotope is used dating calculate absolute age of the granite.

Carbon has 8 neutrons in its nucleus, methods with its 6 protons, which using not a stable combination.

That is why carbon is a radioactive isotope-it contains a combination of protons and neutrons in its nucleus quickly is not stable enough to hold together indefinitely.

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