Error validating the uitest xml

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For this reason you may want to double check with another validator (I find xmllint’s error messages and ease of use make it very useful when rapidly iterating during development of XML/XSD files). It exists in both C and Java versions (I believe a customised version of Xerces is bundled in the Sun JDK).

However, there isn’t a simple way to immediately run the Xerces validator from the command line.

Note that the project actually runs the XML parser bundled with Java, which is a customised version of Xerces if you are using the Oracle JRE.

If you’d like to use the C version of Xerces as opposed to the Java version, take a look at this wrapper program by Jean-Marc Vanel or the Std In Parse utility that ships with Xerces C as an example.

For that reason, I’ve cobbled together a Java program to solve this issue.

Either clone the git repository at download the zip and unpack it.

There are however several editors that use MSXML, as covered in the next section.

If you don’t have it installed, you can use your package manager to install libxml2 or grab it from

The major issue with xmllint is that it doesn’t support the whole of the XML Schema standard (which is large and complex).

The problem with on-line validation is that it will quickly get frustrating if you are doing a lot of validating and need a quick turn-around time. For Mac and Linux users, you likely already have xmllint installed, which can do validation.

There may also be privacy or file size reasons which mean you can’t use an on-line validator. At a terminal type: flag or the XML file will be printed to standard out along with the validation results.

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