Erin gray haircolour eyecolour

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One of the major factor in making such decisions is how your eyes will look at the end of the process.Accenting your blue eyes to pop and appear natural is not an easy task.Therefore you have to be much selecting on landing on your favorite hue when it comes to hair color and your best lipstick for fair skin.When you look at the color wheel you notice colors contrasting.Bluish-black gloss can give it a glow as well as a healthy appearance.Jet black, aubergine, and mahogany can also accentuate your hair perfectly well.

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While coloring at-home, the common mistake women make is the application of too warm hair dye that makes hair to end in orange appearance.Your natural bluish-black or dark hair is the best compliment for the blue eyes.The natural warmth created by the numerous tones in your hair makes it suitable for enhancing your undertones.But at the end of the day, all you need is a change in your hairstyle to make you feel gorgeous and confident.I really understand that you neither want your hair to get damaged or make you look sallow.

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