Emma rigby dating

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Hannah is caught in the middle of an argument between Sarah and John Paul, during which she passes out.Both Suzanne and Sarah try to convince themselves it is a delayed reaction from her condition, after a search of her room initially finds no sign of hidden food.Afterwards, Hannah tells John Paul they can just pretend the kiss never happened, but John Paul says they cannot and he has realised he is gay.Hannah is devastated and becomes convinced she made him gay because of how "repulsive" she is.Hannah arrived in Hollyoaks with her parents, Neville and Suzanne, and brothers Rhys and Josh.

Distraught by everything, Hannah binges on food and becomes sick.The Ashworths begin family therapy and Hannah is forced to confront the issues which led to her problems.Hannah begins attending Hollyoaks Community College and getting her life back on track.Hannah cradles Melissa's lifeless body and cries hysterically.Hannah finds it hard to move on from Melissa's death.

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