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But real question, is anybody out here registering people to vote in these long a$& lines? As President Trump prepares to travel to El Paso to offer his condolences and support to survivors in the wake of a mass shooting, CNN's @Don Lemon explains why the President cannot run away from his rhetoric. The Shawshank Redemption Your turn @tylerperry and @jemelehill! #saturdaynightfever #johntravolta #travolta #beegees #disco @ New York, New York Vru O7lm8j/… Ml Z16CFKc "What he is saying is not racially charged. It's straight up blatant racism." - @Don Lemon on Trump's racist tweets against a group of Democratic congresswomen Fqu H9R "I couldn't get us to where the number of black officers on our department mirrors our community." Sitting down with @Don Lemon, @Pete Buttigieg explains his #Dem Debate comment - "we couldn't get it done" - as it pertains to South Bend, IN. But as @Don Lemon details, the most poignant words of the day may have come from Jon Stewart, who made an emotional plea to Congress on behalf of 9/11 first responders.

I asked Malone if he thought his partner, a journalist, should have pushed back on Avenatti more on his assertion that The DCNF’s report on some of his business history was littered with defamatory statements and was published under orders from President Donald Trump. (RELATED Michael Avenatti Accuses The Daily Caller News Foundation Of ‘Unethical’ Journalism On CNN) When I told him that I wished “Don would have pushed [Avenatti] more” in their interview, Malone told me to “connect the dots.” When asked to clarify, he used Fox News host Sean Hannity’s relationship with Trump as an example of other softball interviews. Malone, who is in his mid-30s, only started working in real estate this year and before held executive positions at various media companies, including Billboard.

It is flat out racist and that's not just what critics say. OEQ6 Bn6he DPM If I could watch only 5 movies for the rest of my life, I’d choose: 1. #Dons Take KZo0G76 Tonight on the show, @Don Lemon CNN remembers one of his oldest friends, Mark Rea, who was laid to rest today.

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For 45 long years, Don remained silent about his sexuality, but finally, in 2011, he walked in with truth revealing that he is gay.

He also mentioned coming out in his book, Even after his public revelation of his sexuality, there was no news of him dating.

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