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Domination does not have to be all about whips and chains and yelling. I will bring you under My CONTROL, EXPLOIT and HUMILIATE you like the pathetic worm you are.

Domination can be very sensual, erotic, and intimate. I can train you and mold you into anything I want and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT !

Seriously porn just doesn't do it for many anymore.

Once you have an online dominatrix that knows your fantasies and how to act them out it's a utopian experience.

For those who haven`t had the pleasure of meeting Me yet, let Me introduce Myself.

My name is Mistress Valerie and I M a Professional Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress.

I also included my top eleven favorite dominatrix’s on each site. This site is known for its high quality live streams.

It's amazing how clear and detailed the dominant bitches here are.

Now that you have entered my world and made the choice to serve me, you must always abide by my rules and submit to my every need and want.I get a complete buzz out of being in control – there is no better way to spend the day then being worshiped and having men kneeling at my feet. I am somewhat sadistic and can be cruel but I am also understanding to the needs of the novice.I am The Bitch that you have dreamed of serving, crawling to, suffering for, that`s if I allow you into My space. I'm going to suck you in with my sweet looks and pretty smile and before you know it, you'll be helpless... So for those of you with little experience, I can gently guide you into the depth of your submission and you will find that submission to me comes easily.After my first private session I was on a sexual high ecstasy couldn't even provide.It's defiantly the new thing and once you try it you'll understand why.

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