Divorce diva dating and love

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Her goodwill only stretches so far and behind that she may lose some of her sense of compassion, knowing that others should learn to be more self-reliant, like herself.

She may go to the extreme of cutting off her husband's head, should he betray or deceive her.

It is still not considered socially acceptable for a woman to marry a man 20 years younger but perfectly ok for a man.

Think Newt, Prince Charles, there are tons of examples.

A young woman who’s never married is probably more likely to want a wedding, and the guy may go along with it for that reason.

Combine that with the higher probability that the woman brings children to a second marriage, and I think you might have a case for suggesting that a lower remarriage rate for women exists not from entirely from choice, but because their opportunities have been limited.

So, divorced men remarry more often than divorced women. Obviously,most of them are marrying women who have never been married.

Or maybe we should just cut to the chase and say younger women, because that is a likely corrolation.

An independent career woman with her own ideals and values. She knows how to cut through extraneous information to get to the heart of the matter. Occupations suited to her would be the head of a company or large organization.

She is sharp and quick witted and intensely perceptive. Also she would make a great surgeon, doctor, police officer, dentist or anything that involves the use of sharp items or weapons. She has been severely betrayed in the past by women and men alike.

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