Detailsview itemupdating event not firing

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A Details View Insert Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to indicate that the insert operation should be canceled.

I am attempting to use a Details View control to view some data where the fields returned by the database are determined at runtime.

It appears as though they are firing twice in this situation because Share Point is updating the properties on the document and then checking it in on the same request.

If you were to check the document out and edit the properties on the document, you would see the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire once.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to view/edit data that is determined runtime?

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The fields again are determined at runtime so I can't hard code the Update Parameters. Cancel and then call Change Mode(Details View Mode. If you don't cancel the update, the Details View will attempt to find an Update Method in the Object Data Source and will blow up. Here is the code: Details View ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- App Code/Data ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- using System; using System. Later on, when you checked the document in, you would see those events fire again.So the double-event firing isn’t a bug, it’s just a result of the automatic check-in that occurs when you first add a document to a document library.When I databind programmatically in the Page_Load, the data displays in the Read Only mode fine, but when I click on Edit command button, it does a postback and the data in the right column (not the headers) disappears and it does not go into Edit mode or call the Edit Item Templates. The Mode Changing event is fired but the Mode Changed is not. I tried using an Object Data Source declaritively in the aspx file.

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