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If you have spent the past 20-30 years or so building your life with someone else, to then think about creating a life with another person that you may not have even met yet, or someone that maybe a stranger to you right now is not easy. • They are concerned about how others will view them if they pursue a new relationship.

• Feel guilty to be looking for someone else-often can be an issue for those widowed • Trust Issues- if someone has let you down badly it can be an issue for many but won’t get you what you want.

• Expectations are too high or unrealistic • Afraid to make the first move-He’s waiting for her, she’s waiting for him.

• They are unlovable- if they’ve lost one love maybe they are convinced that they are unlovable.

• Not willing to be vulnerable and honest-if you can’t be vulnerable and open up how will anyone get to know the real you?

• Making unfair comparisons with their previous partners- being stuck here is not at all helpful.

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