Dating tips for lesbian moms

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Like Watson, Perkins uses her own life to explain the lessons that she has learned.

In her introduction, she underlines her attitude to midlife.

Be happy Both authors focus on simple ways to make yourself happy, aside from any relationship.

Having admitted that she herself hit rock bottom during her divorce, Perkins includes lessons such as “Count your blessings”, “Take time for time out” and “Laugh until our faces ache”.

Friendship Both books underline the importance of friendships – not just those with partners, but the external ones that support you whether you’re single or in a relationship.Self-confidence Arguably the most powerful section of The Dating Game is the opening chapter, entitled Single Status.“It all begins with being single,” Watson explains; her language may be lazy and conversational, aimed at her teenage audience, but the lesson is one we can all take on board.Their world was turned upside down as she went from a full household to living with just her mom and seeing her dad a couple of times a week.Eventually, though, the family started to heal, they all fell into a routine that worked for them, and my friend’s parents started thinking about dating again.

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