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The clear water and gentle waves make it a brilliant spot for swimming and snorkeling so if you fancy a more active date, you could always spend the day here!There’s plenty of choice of bars and restaurants nearby too!Probably classed as reserved, like to think about what i'm going to say before i say it.Mechanically minded, like to keep busy unless it's too hot, then in the shade with a coldy is where you'll find me.

Walking through the garden will be a great way to spend a sunny day and you could spend as little or as long as you like getting to know your date!As you can see by reading my profile what kind of person I am but one thing it doesnt say there is that i have been told I have a wicked smile and lovely blue eyes and a nice nature, so what can it hurt if you take the chance and contact me , lol promise i dont bite .A freind said i should have a look here, been single too long.I enjoy a good conversation over a coffee and long lunch although generally do most of the listening.I enjoy movies, whether it be the cinema or DVD at home, actually have quite an extensive DVD collection. Used to play hockey and race speedway, so enjoy watching some motorsports as well.

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