Dating sites in mauritius

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Badoo has been around for long, has lots of users, but IMHO not worth the hassle.

Still, there is a minority of worldly, progressive Mauritians out there who would date in a western way. I've been living and working in Mauritius for the past 6 months, from South Africa originally.The “casual dating” phase of the relationship is very very short (if it even happens) and the young couple will usually get engaged very early on and will be engaged for a few years.That’s not to say that you can’t find Mauritians that will be interested in a date, but most of them who are will be rebelling against their families to some extent, so they will probably fall on the opposite side of the spectrum...First thing I did when I got here (fresh out of a toxic relationship) was jump on the dating apps.What I noticed is that the culture is still very conservative (think western cultures in the 50s), most girls in their 20s still live with their parents and have very strict curfews they need to adhere to.

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