Dating my massage therapist

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When I arrived at the patient’s room, I nodded to the mother, sat on the bed, soothingly talked to the boy, lifted his hospital gown, and began massaging his abdomen.Suddenly, I heard and felt the rush of someone coming at me, shouting something.After years of working with bodies, we can get too comfortable with moving tissue around and out of the way, even in private areas.Stay keenly aware of body parts traditionally viewed as private and always ask permission—and explain why you are trespassing—before starting the work. He had severe scoliosis and extreme hypertonicity, and asked if he could get a full treatment on his back. I tried to keep our personal relationship separate from our professional one, but it was impossible.

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His eyes were wild and he clearly wanted me to get away from his son.

During our intake, I asked permission to work on his glutes. After having completed the detailed work on his lumbar spine, I placed my hands on his glutes.

He immediately arched into a perfect yoga cobra position, pushing himself off the table with his arms, looked back at me, and said, “Why are you touching me there?! Another client, with severe shoulder girdle pain and abundant breast tissue, told me after she got off the table, “Well, no one ever massaged my breasts before, but I feel better.” I had not in fact massaged her breasts; I had performed detailed subclavicular work with one hand while gently holding her breast tissue out of the way with the other. Lessons Learned Don’t use anatomical terms if there is even the slightest possibility the client doesn’t understand; indicate with your hands where you intend to work.

You would think all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room.

The minister turned six shades of red, cleared his throat, and immediately changed the subject.

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