Dating historic timber

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For instance, Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, is believed to be the oldest timber frame construction in the world dating back to the 7th century.Not to mention the classic Japanese timber framing marvel, the pagoda roof.The Upper German timber frame style offers the most variety of buildings often differing from town to town.This variety is largely due to the availability of material as well as the distinctive building method craftsmen applied in the early Middle Ages involving double framed beams and posts set wide apart.

This enchanting early 16th-century manor house features classic medieval design elements such as herringbone patterning, oak beams, Elizabethan fireplaces, wood paneled galleries as well as chevron and lozenge patterns encircling the outer walls.Deserts, the tundra or the high Arctic were areas where trees were rare and not log quality, therefore, timber frame or log construction was simply not possible.Of course, there were many areas of the world besides Europe where vast areas of forest-covered lands offered excellent quality timber for construction.Farther north you will see the architectural style change to well-preserved timber frame and half-timbered houses that are representative of the Central German tradition.A narrower footprint accommodates a structured framework with a front room facing the streets and the kitchen and bedrooms in the back.

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