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Some will label this the "low season," however, this "low season" classification can often be misleading regarding pricing your trip and of what crowd sizes to expect.Since June through August are very popular with travelers in general, not just to Hawaii, Airline prices will often increase into late May through July, as demand is higher for seats nationwide.Typically, the summer months, as a whole, result in less visitor demand.This fact will benefit visitors in the form of lower rates for both accommodations and rental vehicles.When planning your trip, the following graphic should provide a general overview of the statewide average prices for hotels during various times of the year.The data below was aggregated and visually repurposed from 2017-2019 Infrastructure & Performance Reports by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.The summer months are always the warmest on the island, and temperatures can reach as high as 90 °F (32 °C) under the right conditions.Combined with the high humidity, the heat can occasionally be unpleasant for some travelers not accustomed to it.

If you're still trying to determine which island is best for you, be sure to take our quiz Which Hawaiian Island to Visit →As you might expect, when more visitors are traveling and staying on the islands - both accommodation and flight costs will increase in tandem with the crowds.Water temperatures measure near the high 70°F (21° C) mark this time of year, and the surf begins to die down as the trade winds let up.The best part of the spring is the fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetation that can be seen around the island. We should note that the spring does hold one large event on the Big Island of Hawaii that can cause crowding on the Hilo side of the Island: the Merrie Monarch festival, which is held annually starting on Easter Sunday.To us, this makes sense because this is when most families visit the island, as their children are out of school.The same is true for local children on the island; this is their summer, and they often frequent the same beaches, trails, and places you'll be visiting, too.

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