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One record of this is the Mesha Stele erected by the Moabite king Mesha in 840 BC on which he lauds himself for the building projects that he initiated in Moab and commemorates his glory and victory against the Israelites.The Nabataean Kingdom controlled much of the trade routes of the region, and it stretched south along the Red Sea coast into the Hejaz desert, up to as far north as Damascus, which it controlled for a short period (85–71) BC.Jordan is classified as a country of "high human development" with an "upper middle income" economy.The Jordanian economy, one of the smallest economies in the region, is attractive to foreign investors based upon a skilled workforce.‎ Al-Mamlakah Al-Urdunnīyah Al-Hāshimīyah), is an Arab country in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

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Later rulers include the Nabataean Kingdom, the Roman Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.He there declared that the British government would aid the establishment of local governments in Transjordan, which is to be kept separate from that of Palestine.On 2 September, British officials met with the notables of Transjordan in Umm Qais where Major Fitzroy Somerset received a petition that demanded an independent Arab government in Transjordan to be led by an Arab prince (emir); land sale in Transjordan to Jews be stopped as well as the prevention of Jewish immigration there; that Britiain fund and establish a national army; and that free trade be maintained between Transjordan and the rest of the region.The construction of the Hejaz Railway in 1908–stretching across the length of Transjordan and linking Mecca with Istanbul–helped the population economically as Transjordan became a stopover for pilgrims.Four centuries of stagnation during Ottoman rule came to an end during World War I by the 1916 Arab Revolt; driven by long-term resentment towards the Ottoman authorities, and growing Arab nationalism.

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