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Falling in lust is as easy as stealing his first kiss, but Ben refuses to engage. Holy hell did I love this one..fangirl review to follow soonish!!!

There’s going to a bit of fangirling going on here...

Benoit feels that he’s got more important things to focus on and Ethan tries to tell himself that he’s too old for the sexy, young goalie who’s sparked his interest…yeah, you just keep telling yourself that Ethan.

From there we discovered Ryker and Jacob’s teammate and a troubled young man named Scott who’s path leads him away from hockey and straight to Hayne, an artistically talented and gently soul who sees past Scott’s troubles and finds someone worth loving…seriously I loved…abso-freakin’-lutely loved!!!

Both of these books but for me Scott and Hayne’s story was just that little bit more compelling and there was just no way things were going to get better…well, I was wrong because here we are at ‘Benoit’ the final book in this series and I can honestly say as much as I loved ‘Ryker’ and ‘Scott’…’Benoit’ surpasses them both.

So to have this absolutely wonderful character named Benoit come not only from Canada but from one of our most beautiful provinces for me is just really special…so thank you for this, Ms Locey and Ms Scott.

I’m sure any other Canadians who read this book will agree with me when I say that we would proudly claim Benoit as one of our own.

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