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Thus, in burning a witch figure, it was believed that the cold weather could be eradicated much more quickly.The process begins with forming a cross by tying two large sticks together.Easter is one of the most joyful holidays in the Czech nation.Easter Eggs and Kraslice Kraslice is the Czech name for the hand-painted and decorated Easter eggs that girls create to give to boys on Easter Monday.Instead, Easter is celebrated as a cheerful and fun holiday.Many villages observe their own special set of Easter customs and traditions.This becomes a sort of competition to see who can build the largest bonfire.A large ugly doll portrays the witch and is paraded throughout the village.

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This way, each person in the country has the chance to receive a gift on their own name day each year.

For centuries, young boys go caroling on Easter Monday and symbolically whip girls on the legs.

Even famers' wives would whip livestock and everyone in the house including men and children.

The reason behind this ritual is to chase away illness and bad spirits and bring good health and youth to everyone who gets whipped.

In the past, boys made their own pomlázka, but now can purchase these ready- made in local stores and vendor stands.

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