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As he says, "when we had a lot of tree cutting we had more men than women".

However, now New Zealand has a shortage of nurses, child minders, cleaners, and even prostitutes are in an unofficial shortage.

In fact, the problem is fairly serious one that should not be made light of, since the influx of women from Thailand is leading to an increase in the number of single or sole mothers, there being insufficient marriageable New Zealand men to go round.

Also, some Thai women are being verbally and occasionally physically assaulted by New Zealand women.

Two-thirds (65.4 percent) had been living in New Zealand for less than 10 years, and 43.1 percent had been in New Zealand for less than five years.This reduces the number of eligible men available to New Zealand born women, and much of this inflow involves "Thai Brides".These have been accessed either online, or by New Zealand men visiting Thailand and marrying there.Within the broad category of ‘Asian’, there are many ethnic groups with distinct characteristics.The eight largest Asian ethnic groups in New Zealand are: Chinese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Sri Lankan, Cambodian and Thai. Greater proportions are in the younger age groups and smaller proportions are in the older age groups compared with the total population.

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