Dating a somali man

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Just show them that you are not afraid to work hard!

Somali women, like most ladies worldwide, are looking for men who are confident and know what they want in life.

Somali women share a lot of similarities with Ethiopian women: Chocolate skin, strong religious values (some Muslim, some Christian) and killer bodies full of curves.

Although some Somali women may have a bad reputation for being gold diggers, on this post, we’ll break down some good reasons to try dating Somali women that will (hopefully) change your mind.

These exotic ladies are as eager to know everything about your culture as they are willing to teach you about theirs.

And yet, somehow I grew up sensationalizing interracial couples and deeming those who marry outside the Somali community as daring.

Interracial marriage in the Somali community is very taboo.

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