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DATE: 1983 • CONDITION: fine • 5 Click here for more images 13085: Parker 75 Laque ballpoint: "Malachite green" lacquer finish, gold plated trim, made in France, "LE" date code, original hang tag.

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Parker basses produced in the original factory in Wilmington, MA have seven digit serial numbers using the same formula for dating at the original Nite Fly guitars. As with other Parker guitars, they offered both magnetic and piezoelectric pickups, with the ability to blend the two. In 2009 US Music was sold to Jam Industries, Ltd., a Canadian Musical Instrument distributor. Based on the Fly model, it features a refined headstock, allowing the guitar to be hung on a standard guitar wall hanger, a refined top horn, which is more ergonomically and traditionally shaped, standardized pickup cavities, 22 frets instead of 24 and a slightly thicker, heavier body.In 2003 the Fly was "refined" with a new control layout consisting of a master volume, a master tone [coil split function is on this control as well] and a master volume for the piezo eliminating the separate volume control for the magnet pickups and the piezo tone control. The original Parker factory was located in Massachusetts, but in 2003 the company was sold to U. Music Corporation based in Illinois, and manufacturing was moved there. Since then, no new Fly models have been produced, but it is unclear whether other Parker-branded imports are still being manufactured in Asia.As of late 2015, Parker has released several special edition Flys.Fingerboards are composite, and use stainless steel frets which typically last the lifetime of the owner.The combination of composite fingerboard and stainless steel frets has led to Parker’s reputation for the fastest neck in the business.

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