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I’m a little teapot is an especially good one for this. He will also find it humiliating trying to change at the gym. Make him wear a female blouse to the office or a pair of panties or a thong that constantly rides over his trousers. Make him pour dog food into a bowl and then eat it from the floor. Any disgusting combos you can think of are humiliating for your sub to consume so be creative. Within minutes the taste will make him screw his face up. For added effect, make him rub the soap along his tongue or against his teeth. Have him smear peanut butter or mayonnaise all over his ass and his balls. Have another strict dominatrix enter your session and you can both laugh at him and make him perform for you. Lean in close and insult him about his cock size and how pathetic he is. The whole time he is in your private femdom cam room, don’t acknowledge him or speak to him.

For added humiliation, make him beg to eat it and then thank you afterwards. Make him attach clothes peg to his tongue and then talk to you till he is drooling all over himself. Then make him smudge it in and then scoop it off and eat it. Give him contradicting commands that are impossible to please both of you. Make him stand up and laugh at him as he gingerly tries to sit down. After the plug has been up his ass for a while, make him suck on it and lick it clean. Make him sit in silence while you file your nails or read a magazine Stephanie made to drink gallons of water then punch herself wearing boxing gloves48 – CUM CUBE. Next session, make him take them out and then suck on them slowly till it is all gone 49 – NAME CHANGE.

Keep him like this for as long as you like 12 – COLLAR HIM.

Make him wear a leather slave collar and snap a padlock on it. Make him show you how he would lick every inch of your leather thigh high boots.

The clothed female, naked male is always required and being nude in front of a cruel Mistress will make him humble and more subservient.

Don’t let him cover his privates to add to his humiliation4 – SPH.

Be sure to tell him no woman want dicks as small as his5 – FORCED FEMINISATION. Make him beg, plead and grovel to be allowed to cum.

Then deny him anyway and laugh at him as his face drops in a crestfallen look. Make him go number 1 or number 2 in his diaper and then sit in it. Don’t let him utter one word and instead make him grunt.

Things like “small cock loser” “Cum slut” or “I am a sissy faggot”17 – BLACKMAIL. Make him pour cold custard, cream or milk over himself or have him splash pies and cakes into his body and crush them till he is covered in food. Force him to watch gay porn and tell you how much he wants to suck their cocks or have them fuck him. This is a very humiliating experience for a male, to be made to pee like a woman. The opposite of orgasm denial, when he has cum, make him keep wanking. Make him get to the point of no return and then take his hand off as he begins to spurt.The best way to hurt any man is to ridicule his dick size.All men want to have big cocks to pleasure a woman so insult his about how small it is. Make him measure it against baby carrots or biro lids and laugh and point at it. Dress him in stockings, suspenders, panties, frilly dress and wig with full makeup. Tell him how much of a pretty girl he is and snigger at him when he curtseys to you. Become his online chastity keyholder and lock his cock away in a plastic cage and cut off all his sexual relief.If you are a sub who uses live femdom cams then there are no end of ways you can be humiliated by the powerful women online.The mean bitches online at this webcam domination site have wicked imaginations and sadistic personalities and they enjoy the degradation and humiliation they inflict on you.2 – ASS WORSHIP.

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