Consolidating pst files

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Export messages to a new pst (SUPER.pst) AND filter at export time by whatever the criteria is for the messages you are interested in (date, from, subject, etc.) - you will find the option to filter when you export. Repeat the export process for each and/or mailbox that you want to export from - allways into the AND using your filtering criteria. For searching you can try the Google Desktop Search - it is free and I have found it to be extremely useful. We have a similar problem and have used the MSN Desktop Search tool which just came out to do combined document/email search.For this problem, it is better than google's desktop search because you can drag and drop the results into a folder on your hard drive which corresponds to the particular question those documents are responding to.[I then plan to use ZOOT, or something of the kind, to create a searchable database from that new file.] FIRST: What is the most efficient way to consolidate all of my existing PST files into the new file?SECOND: What is the best [affordable] software for making a searchable database based on the new AND/OR other electronic files on my network?All eligible Outlook users can opt for free or paid customer and technical support services for a better outcome in their favor. Microsoft Outlook enjoys the status of a great leading tool that helps users manage their email data and personal information in a successful manner.For carrying out Outlook consolidating files process, visit Microsoft Outlook email support web page for help and support services. Microsoft always stuns its global users with new and upgraded versions that come with loaded features and attractions.If it were me, I would not try to combine all three PST folders, but just open all three of them on the same computer, let the MSN Search index them all and then do your search. FYI: I found out Zoot would not serve the purpose of a database for the anyway, because, among other reasons, it has a WAY too small limitation on the number of records, and other problems [all of which may be fixed in the next version, but not yet].I am rejecting Google search as an option because, among other reasons, it caused lots of problems with my system so I had to uninstall it.

If you have no subfolders in the calendar you're exporting, then this option doesn't matter.

Exporting to an intermediate file and them importing into Access does not cure the problem. To jamesquest-ga: Your suggestion works with just one not insignificant exception.

THE DATE AND TIME field does not appear in the Excel sheet! If that problem can get cured, you will be my hero.

Please read carefully the Google Answers Terms of Service.

PST Merge Software to Consolidate Outlook PST files Microsoft Outlook needs no introduction as the ace email platform from the leading technology giant is a great email communication resource for dealing with emails, tasks, address books, notes, journals, contacts, and calendar.

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