Computer clock not updating

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Let us know in comments which of these methods were the most suitable for you. First of all, this is more than a decade old Windows problem! Windows has had problems syncing the system time against NTP servers for as long as I can remember. It has never worked for me personally, and it never has worked for many people out there on the WWW who post similar questions to the one you just posted here.If you must use the Internet to get an accurate system time, then use one of the American NIST's NTP servers. However, using NIST's NTP server has always worked for me, and it has worked for other people too, as evidenced by the many positive results if you read the decade old web forum discussions.You can find a more complete list here: only factor that makes your question stand out is that you are using Windows 10.That's the only thing that differs from similar questions posted by other people over a decade ago. It's just that with Windows 10, some of the granular control is taken away from the user.

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