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Your network indicator will not change if you are inzone or outofzone. Please note that pay-per-use charges will apply for any talking, texting or data.

The promo code can only be applied once to each eligible line.Plus, don't forget to check out our roaming rates before you go.If you start a call in an Unlimited Local talk zone, the entire call is treated like you're in your Local zone.Freedom on the other hand runs their own network within the home zone. I know some Freedom koolaid drinking customer will come out and say the service is wonderful. If you like MEGA data, dropped calls, and worthless signals go Freedom. However, connections are on 3G instead of LTE and download speeds will typically be under 3Mbps.Outside of their home zone, they have roaming agreements with the big 3. Take it from a long term customer that ran out of patience with Wind, this service is not worth the trouble or the money. Freedom sounds great with it`s lovely plans but the service is unreliable with tons of dropped calls and inability to access service inside buildings, around crowds, near the water and all over the place. After 1-2 years I started to realize what I’m really paying for. That's still fast enough to stream music but watching videos you will encounter low-quality or buffering.

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