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Samppa, who often performs alongside his wife, is himself an exhibition of tattoos and body mods.

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After he implanted a small magnet inside Aneta, it was suddenly possible for her to get an erotic jolt from the vibrations triggered by the energy of a basic house fan.

And big-name biohackers want to make sure women have options too, should this coming cybersexual revolution make genital implants as routine as piercings.

Steve Haworth is well known and respected in the body modification community.

After Lee got divorced in 2015, he says he became celibate for a while and stopped working on Lovetron, but was encouraged to pick it back up again at a body-hacking conference in Austin.

He's left his warehouse job and is now self-employed while trying to finish his prototype, which is about the size of a lithium ion Go Pro battery.

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