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The northern part of Cameroon is heavily occupied by the Fulani people (Fula: Fulɓe; French: Peul or Peulh; also known Mbororo, though this is sometimes seen as pejorative).The Fulani are mainly Muslims, because Islam is the dominant religion in the northern region.The English-speaking region is divided into two cultural regions.The Grassfields peoples of the Northwest Province consist of nearly one hundred chiefdoms each ruled by a divine king (fon) .

The country is nicknamed "Little Africa" as geographically, Cameroon consists of coastline, mountains, grass plains, forest, rainforest and desert, all of the geographical regions in Africa in one country.

The western region is home of the Bamum people, an ethnic group that also practices the Islamic religion.

The French-speaking people are often inhabitants of the southern and western regions and the majority of them are known to be Catholic, while English speaking citizens of the west tend to be Protestants.

The national and local levels have been known to work together, even though they have to deal with their own separate issues from each other.

Cameroon culture consists of numerous religions including Christianity (about 69%), Islam (about 21%), and many other indigenous religions.

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