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My dad raced cars and rolled cigarettes in his white T-shirt."It was Buddy Holly and Otis Redding and Johnny Cash, metal cars and hamburgers and milkshakes at the weekend.

There was something innocent and sweet about it that's going, you know. Maybe the next generation will have something better, but I'm somewhat old-fashioned, I guess."Flowers has a reputation for criticising musical contemporaries, something which he ascribes to these old fashioned values. "I think people are lazy, and that goes for making music too.

Then he adds, quickly and urgently, as if eager to clarify: "I love this life, it's amazing. "Anybody that ever picked up a guitar and says they didn't imagine playing a song in front of thousands of screaming people is a liar.

Nobody just sat down and said, 'I've gotta bare my soul and be an artist.' I'm not afraid to admit what I want."The 25-year-old resembles an unlikely mix of two of his musical heroes, the cripplingly introverted Morrissey and bullishly extrovert Bono, both of whom he namechecks in a homily to the "prime era for music" – the much-maligned 1980s."My brother's 13 years older.

"That tension was something I grew accustomed to living in Las Vegas.

If any place is gonna prepare you for rock and roll, it's that town."Flowers is the product of two geographically adjacent yet culturally conflicting locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, America's very own Sin City (where his family lived until he was eight) and Nephi, Utah, where his family relocated when Flowers's father gave up alcohol and committed himself to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But everything that has happened to me started in Vegas. Ten years ago they tried to make it a family thing, you'd gamble but you'd take your kids to a theme park, too.

"I started to feel melancholic for a lost time, thinking I would be one of the last people to experience that world.

Find out the answers to both these questions and more here.

In addition to his work with the Killers, Brandon has released two solo albums, Flamingo (2010) and The Desired Effect (2015).

BRANDON Flowers is the incredible lead singer of the Vegas-based indie rock band The Killers.

But is this musician married and how much is he really worth?

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