Berlin dating female

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True Story: When I moved to Copenhagen I was talking to someone about how bad dating is in Berlin.

Then I told them about how popular open relationships are. After I explained it to them, they asked me, “What’s the relationship part?

(If you’re sneaking your relationship probably isn’t that open.) If you’re dating someone in an open relationship check in with them about how you’re feeling – maybe you change your mind and decide you’d like something more serious later on.

When I first moved to Berlin a guy once said to me, “If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’ve moved to the wrong city.” At the time I didn’t understand the extent of the dire dating situation here but after two years of experiencing and talking about dating in Berlin – I realize he wasn’t wrong.

Whenever I bring up dating with single friends or new acquaintances, their immediate response is to grunt with frustration.

Berlin has quite a global reputation: It has a complex history, a vibrant arts scene, and a party lifestyle that runs from dusk until dawn.

It’s the global techno capital and home to Berghain, the most famous club in the world. We at Babbel sat down with some of our colleagues to figure out what dating is like in this uninhibited, multicultural metropolis.

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