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They celebrate their “rez day,” the online equivalent of a birthday: the anniversary of the day they joined.

At church, they cannot take physical communion—the corporeality of that ritual is impossible—but they can bring the stories of their faith to life.

The short answer is that it’s a virtual world that launched in 2003 and was hailed by some as the future of the internet.The longer answer is that it’s a landscape full of goth cities and preciously tattered beach shanties, vampire castles and tropical islands and rainforest temples and dinosaur stomping grounds, disco-ball-glittering nightclubs and trippy giant chess games.In 2013, in honor of Second Life’s tenth birthday, Linden Lab—the company that created it—released an infographic charting its progress: 36 million accounts had been created, and their users had spent 217,266 cumulative years online, inhabiting an ever-expanding territory that comprised almost 700 square miles.She keeps buying new swimming pools because she keeps falling in love with different ones.The current specimen is a teal lozenge with a waterfall cascading from its archway of stones.

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