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If you do, then the code will select the sheet when it hits that part, and it will then look like it's flipping through.

Happy Holidays: A few years ago, I created some thematic maps out of WMF files in Excel. Now, I've switched to Excel 2013 and I've hit a problem. As a side note, Date Change moves dates from a populated list to the map in question. Screen Updating = False For i = 3 To 3111 Range("Act Reg").

NET developing and have a simple question, i've been stuck on this for a while and searched many forums first with no solution so i'm posting myself. Below is probably a better example of the method that i'm running, its a simple sub routine and while the code is running the form is flashing white while its processing. I'm not sure if there is a property to prevent the form from doing whatever it's doing or somehow to process without affecting the look of the form. Click Dim sqlquery = "SELECT * FROM customers WHERE ID = '" & swipetxt.

It turns on screen updating, auto calc, maximizes the window, makes the application visible, etc. Then I can just run that if things go bonkers before ive coded any error trapping. When the macro calls Date Change(Color Fill), you have it set as to not update the screen for the whole time. I have to turn off the screenupdating in order to move the date over without disrupting the view. Select I don't know what you mean by view size changing but if you must use screenupdating but still want to show the screenupdating, you have to add the code between For and Next of each macro.I always incorporate the following code at the start of a Module so that it can run as best it can: Application. Freeze Panes = False The code involves opening workbooks, saving them, reading and writing data from the Windows file system to workbooks and between workbooks.

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