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They won the Stanley Cup in 1971, 1973, four straight times from 1976 to 1979 and then again in 1986.Norman first followed the sport because of how excited everyone else was about the team but fell in love with the game and became a die-hard fan by the time he moved to Toronto in the '80s. Anthony and Chris used to sit in Norman's lap or lie on his chest while he watched the games on television.Before East Side, when Anthony was 5 years old, they lived two miles from a rink in a tiny condo that had bullet holes in the bricks.Every Saturday, Anthony and his father woke at 6 a.m., ate strawberry-flavored sugar cookies, loaded up with hockey gear and hiked to the rink. ""I wanna go to hockey."Norman carried Anthony the last mile on his shoulders. First a league game, then hours of pickup and mini-sticks, which is basically pick-up hockey played in tennis shoes in a concrete area beyond the ice.

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Often they walked through blizzards, shuffling through snow up to their shins, careful to feel the ground before each step so they didn't trip in a hole. His father carried a bag holding Anthony's sweater, pads, gloves and other gear. You hear a lot of stories about kids in the Stewart brothers' situation making it as athletes in basketball and football, but rarely in hockey. Youth hockey is expensive -- well into five figures a year.

One day, Anthony's toes went from numb to feeling as if they were splitting into pieces. On top of league fees, the brothers were supposed to pay per game in order to play.

Even now, several miles and so many dollars away from East Side and the things that landed them there, they still feel it every day. Their father, a Jamaican immigrant named Norman Stewart, worked random odd jobs, such as installing pools or landscaping.

He moved to Montreal when he was in his early 20s and tired of living with his destitute farmer parents in Jamaica. She liked to joke with Norman that she stayed with him only "because you keep getting me pregnant." They had Anthony in 1985 and Chris in 1987, and then five girls over the next eight years.

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