Amy poehler dating history

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And in performed comedy, the kind that began to flourish on Vaudeville and then as stand-up in the twentieth century, women were extremely rare, and actually, encouraged to be the opposite of sexually appealing if they were going to have a prayer of succeeding.The Borscht Belt, which would produce Henny Youngman, Lenny Bruce, and the DNA for an American comedic tradition, popularized a “Take my wife …

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These ladies were talented, but often sidelined into wacky character parts; they didn’t enjoy the giant careers of Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy or Steve Martin.

As Burns famously said of his wife’s insistence on being heard: “All I had to do was say, ‘Gracie, how’s your brother? Sometimes I didn’t even have to say, ‘Gracie, how’s your brother?

’”The next—tiny—generation of breakthrough female comedians had it even rougher, and found success only by engaging in almost-painfully self-lacerating humor.

Perhaps the only woman in early twentieth century comedy who was allowed to be vivacious and flirtatious was Gracie Allen, George Burns’ wife and partner, who was supposed to play the straight woman to Burns, but who was so funny that they reversed roles.

But Allen and Burns managed to wrap her potentially threatening appeal in a comfortably daffy, hyper-feminized persona.

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