Alternative lifestyles dating

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You often don’t need any money to participate, assuming you can help out with chores, are an asset to the community and get along well with others.

If you have a small donation to give at the beginning of your stay, your contribution will help offset community costs and help solidify a place for yourself in the community.

Bringing all social facets of the numerous lifestyles together, where our members can easily meet like-minded people across the entire spectrum of non-traditional relationships, SLS is where open-minded singles, couples and groups can share their interests and desires.

You may be surprised at the amount of open-minded people that are out there, looking to have an adventure with you.

Here’s a guide to the ten of the best: Hindu ashrams are known for offering a serene contemplative life while also engaging in healthy, active community work.

That way you’ll feel more at home and can camp with your peeps at the next gathering.

If you get serious about the lifestyle, you’ll bump into many opportunities to join a wandering tribe.

If there is a local mystical Christian congregation in your area, they may have connections to continually operating monasteries that offer spots to folks on retreat.

Life can be nice at spiritual communes, involving daily practice, working in the garden and kitchen, and countless spiritual and self-help conversations with others.

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