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At the February 9, 2006 episode of DSW TV, Williams participated in the first ever Bikini Contest in DSW.She did not reveal her bikini because Palmer Cannon interrupted, which led to a match, where Love managed Cannon against Tommy Dreamer. Secrets, lies, and paternity tests WILL be revealed!Join your favorite WWE and TNA Superstars, Divas, and Knockouts as they take over daytime TV and Maury's stage! So this chapter's one of the more serious ones, just because I freaking love Angelina & Crimson together ever since I found out that they were dating in real life!His expression loosened, and he blankly asked, "... ""I'm so sorry..." she began crying."You serious, Angel? And you've been strong, and you've faced up to the responsibilities of being a father to that little boy." Maury continued."That's damn right." he nodded."And you've never even turned back.""Never." he agreed, to a round of applause from the audience."So let's say it showed that you're not the father." the host began."She shook her head and repeated, "I am so sorry, baby..."Maury stepped in. The Superstar looked at his fiancée and replied, "So what? I love her to death."Angelina cried even harder at this. " she sniffled, wrapping him in a hug as he did the same."AWWW!"Her lip trembled some more."Have you ever seen her like this, Crimson? ""This summer.""And do you feel concerned right now, a little worried? "So why don't you turn to Crimson and tell him why you brought him here."She did and, took his hand, and slowly began, "Baby, you know that I love you..."He nodded."Well, in the middle of our relationship...I cheated on you..there's a chance that Tyler may not be yours." she choked out.

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I-I can't picture my life without him, I love him so much."Back onstage..."Now were you two together when you conceived him? We didn't necessarily split up, but we decided that we needed a little time away from one another to cool off, and at that time, I stayed over at my ex-boyfriend's house, and there, we ended up sleeping together." the platinum blonde explained."How many times did you sleep with this ex-boyfriend of yours? "I felt so guilty back then, and I've felt even worse ever since.""So how does Tyler magnify this whole situation?

So we gave her fiancée Crimson and little Tyler paternity tests, and we're gonna find out if he's Tyler's father in a few moments." announced Maury.

"But listen to what Crimson has had to go through for the last 48 hours."The Superstar was backstage, saying, "I'm moments away from finding out whether Tyler's my son or not.

"Things have been rough lately, but we've managed to stay strong together to make a great life for our son. She's never kept anything from me before, so I have no idea why she would keep anything from me now.

I see a great and a bright future for Angelina and I.

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