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But if the solution seems so simple, how do we get to what a quarter of a century later was defined by Johannes Heckel as a maze.

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And the time is ripe, for it was when the debate ebbed that the theological scenario worldwide changed.

For over half a century it has been the way Lutherans framed the relationship between justification and justice.

How did this "doctrine" come to be regarded as a central piece in Lutheran theology when it has such a remarkably short history as a doctrine and has for the last decades even faded into oblivion?

But the parameters of the debate would remain basically the same and would become, particularly in the 70s, the litmus test for diagnosing a Lutheran's stance on any social issue.

Flanked by the classical Reformed tradition of a "third use of the law," on the one side, and the Roman Catholic natural law tradition on the other, the two kingdoms became the Lutheran identifying badge.

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