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The airport handled this year more than 2 000 000 passengers.

Across the world, there are more than 60 million Polish men and women, with 38 million of them living in Poland.

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The Warsaw Stock Exchange in brief With a current head count of 50 foreign companies and total capitalisation (as of 7 June 2019) of PLN 1,128,595.70 million, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) may now be one of the largest and most developed equity markets in Central and Eastern Europe, according to FTSE. Although first attempts at reviving capital markets in Poland were tentatively undertaken after the end of the WW2 in 1945, the idea of a stock or commodities markets was ideologically forbidden under the centrally planned economy of post-war Poland.

The growth in number of passengers can be attributed to a rise in international network traffic (20%), low-cost traffic (5,7%) and charter traffic (34%).

The airport handled year to date 1 200 000 passengers.

While similar processes in other economies may have been conducted via existing legal and market structures, arising organically with the demands of the market, Poland had no such institutional structure.

A break of more than 50 years in the functioning of the national equity market created a gaping void which had to be filled with new institutional imperatives and legal arrangements fit for the modern market economy.

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PLN 103,370 million, an impressive increase of 641 times its original level.

However, 2001 saw relative drop in the market worth of companies; the following years saw a steady and persistent growth with few – in perspective, relatively inconsequential – dips.

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