16 24 year old dating

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She will get mad, but she'll get over it eventually. First thing your daughter will hate you if you interferre and the more you push it the more she will see him just stand back and see how it goes for a while, but keep a bloody close eye on them!!If you know it's best for your daughter then do it. When I was 16 I was getting around with a 24yr old who is now my husband!!!A girl that young can only act like a woman, but she isn’t near to be one.It doesn’t matter if she acts or looks like a grownup, because inside, she is still a child.If you do she could end up getting hurt a lot worse than if you intervene now.

She probably thinks that she’s mature just because she got her first period, or because her breasts started growing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say anything against you as a parent, but I really think you should do something until it’s too late.

Now she is 38 & they just renewed their wedding vows.

Have you had a talk to your daughter about your feelings?

Hi, I just found out that my 14-year-old daughter has a boyfriend who is 24.

I am in shock and I want to report him, but I’m afraid that it could turn my daughter against me.

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